Sunday, March 31, 2013

...On the way home from an NCFCA speech Tournament...

On the 26th, I was heading home at 7:05 and a thought struck me. What would I do I Jesus came back right now? Without thinking about it I imagined myself dropping to my knees and saying something like “Jesus! My Lord! My God! I’m sorry! I’ve been neglecting you! I love you, God, Lord, King!” just the thought was… Better than a million raindrops to a desert after a rainless spell of 1,000,000,000 years, or any earthly embrace, no matter how powerful, no words can even begin to describe it. Nothing can compare to the thought of seeing him, and nothing will. HE is God, NOTHING can replace him, NOTHING. NOTHING will ever love you that much. NOTHING can make you happier than him. NOTHING can replace Him. He is God.
And I want everyone to feel what I caught a glimpse of in my dream, I want everyone to Love him and yearn for him.
In my Dream, I was waving goodbye to a friend when Jesus came from behind me, and one feeling I had was excitement for my friend, she was seeing Him, she will see him, and she will feel what I caught a glimpse of, the value of just that miniature particle being more than the universe and all that is in it.
To me, a Hug is better than a kiss. A Hug… Is wonderful, I Love them. Words cannot begin to express how much I like hugs. But that tiny peek, that wonderful vision, was worth more than any Hug, other than the one I will give Jesus when I see him at last, which has equal value.

I have had a Vision. A Dream. Nothing will stop me from attaining it.

-Joe, a guy who is after his Dream

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Random thoughts...

It's a new year.
This year is full of hope and expectation for me, I expect to get a job, hope to get a car, and I'm determined to put some strength into my relationship with God.
Last year I went through a lot, this year I want to experience more. I want to become a man who loves God.
I want to become a soldier for God. Willing, loving, and adoring my commander.
Some people want to make a mark in the world. I want to make a huge impacting dent.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lone Wolf?

          So when I made this blog, I said 'lone wolf'. That was technically a lie.
          I should have said 'former lone wolf''. I was a lone wolf 1.2 years ago, and I've met SO MANY amazing and loving people since then, I don't deserve them! I love them all SO MUCH!
          If I've met you and I remember you, I love you! Whoever you are, just remember: God loves you, He died for you, He has blessed you in countless ways, and you are made in the image of God!

(About time for me to post, huh?)